The IRIDA Research Centre for Communication Technologies is a recently established research centre at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Cyprus, conducting both basic and applied research in the broad area of wireless communication theory and its applications.

The research undertaken at IRIDA, deals with various types of wireless communication networks such as machine-to-machine communications, cellular networks, relaying, cognitive radio, heterogeneous networks, wireless-powered communications, 5G and beyond 5G wireless communications. Topics of particular interest are:
  • Wireless powered communications (signal processing, information theory, system level analysis)
  • Cooperative networks/relaying
  • Full-duplex radio
  • MIMO and multi-user communication systems
  • Millimeter-wave communications
  • Edge caching
  • Heterogenous networks/small cells
  • Cognitive radio
  • Software radio/USRP experimental implementation
The centre has close and frequent collaboration with world-leading academic and industrial institutions in the area of telecommunications. The IRIDA Research Centre has a vast experience in managing small and large-scale research proposals funded by the Research Promotion of Cyprus and the European Commission. Currently, IRIDA is participating in eight research projects - five of which are coordinated by IRIDA - including the highly prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant.
The IRIDA centre is named after Iris (Ίριδα), a messenger of the Olympic Gods in Greek mythology.